What are cookies and how to I make my computer accept them for Tada?

Cookies allow for the efficient navigation of Web Sites, and our site recognizes you when you visit us. You must have your cookies turned on in order for your qualified purchases to track and earn Cash Back. With the exception of Safari, your browser should automatically accept cookies unless you have turned cookies off.

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, select the Tools, and then Internet options.
Select Settings
Select Advanced choose to allow cookies

Enabling Cookies in Firefox- cookies are enabled by default. To check or change settings: Click the Menu button and choose Options
Select the Privacy panel
Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history
Checkmark Accept cookies from sites

Enabling Cookies in chrome on your computer, open Google Chrome
At the top right, click More Settings
At the bottom, click Show advanced settings
In the Privacy section, click Content settings
Use the Cookies section to change your settings: To allow first-party and third-party cookies, choose to Allow local data to be set

Enabling Cookies in Safari- Cookies from third parties and advertisers are blocked by default; therefore, you will have to adjust your settings in Safari. Click Safari > Preferences and then choose Privacy.
Under Block cookies, select "Never"